Montauk Events

Wed 20
Thu 21

KIDS: Storytime with Ms. Beth at the Montauk Library

Thursday, February 21 @ 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

A Deep Bench of Heroes

Montauk has a deep bench of heroes. It lures the brave and adventurous. People have never come here to fade away, they’ve come with energy and to embrace a passion, whatever it is…Montauk feeds many.

Diana the Huntress of Montauk

When  Nancy  Atlas  is  not  performing  on  stages  throughout  the  Hamptons,  this  rockin,’  guitar-playing  singer  and  songwriter  seeks  refuge  in  the  natural  wonders  of  the  East  End.


Montauk Dance Scene Starts at Two

At a young age, Montauker Laura Cisco couldn’t stop moving. “I remember standing in front of the glass oven door in my family’s kitchen, working on my dance moves. It was all I ever wanted to do,” she says. “When I was eight my family moved to Montauk from Queens.…

Crush, Snip, and Tighten

Here we go!! The excitement, rush, sleepless nights, missed work, exhausting disappointment, and raw exhilaration of fall fishing in Montauk is upon us. Bass in the rips, on the rocks, under the light…albies exploding bait everywhere, monster blues pushing bunker onto the beach, arms turned to jelly…you know the routine.…


Montauk Salt Cave

Here we lie on ergonomic lounge chairs, covered in soft red blankets, taking deep breaths of the world’s purest healing salt in the Montauk Salt Cave. In this dark, serene space we can only see a soft orange and red glow on the walls emanating from the salt lamps around…