Spring 2017

A Local Skater Relates after Park gets some Love by Colin Ryan

A Local Skater Relates after Park gets some Love

by Colin Ryan

Montauk Skate Park is a great public resource for families in our town. Skateboarders in Montauk have witnessed the effects of time on our beloved skate spot for many years. Our spot has endured a long battle with winter’s cold rain and snow. Although concrete is the surface of choice for us, it is sometimes fragile. Montauk’s weather has taken its toll on our park, leaving glaring examples of how nothing lasts forever all throughout our park. These bumps and bruises make a dangerous sport straight up hairball at times. However, this winter, a miracle occurred. The Town of East Hampton breathed some new life into this aging beauty and contracted a dedicated crew of skateboard park builders, Rampage from Bridgeport Connecticut, to show us some love.

Rampage Skate Park Builders wasted no time in their quest to revitalize our broken shred spot. They took full advantage of the mild winter temperatures to do some much-needed repairs. Rampage fixed the busted pool coping, sealed some heavy cracks, and rebuilt the concrete around the flow section. Local skaters never thought this would happen, but we are truly grateful for these positive movements. Are we fully satisfied? I’ll say, “Yes,” when the Town throws in a four-foot mini ramp for the groms on the barren “No Man’s Land” area adjacent to the skate park. Regardless, we are stoked and psyched for springtime ripping.

Now that the park has been enhanced, all skaters in the area should come down and represent. It’s exciting to see new batches of youngsters showing up and getting amped. The youth are the future of this tradition and the time is now for the kids to carry the torch. The park is usually quiet until the older dudes show up around 4 o’clock and start flying around. I recommend morning/mid-day times for families to pack the truck with some boards and safety gear, and head to the park for some good times. Two good rules are to use common sense and trust your gut. Don’t drop in because someone told you to. These are not strict guidelines as skateboarding is not the most organized activity, but that’s why we love it. You simply never know what will go down at the park.

Broken concrete around the flow section was repaired last winter.

If you’ve never been there, Montauk Skate Park has a lot of personality. It is a “free” place open for interpretation by all who roll over its surface. The terrain is bumpy, weathered, and rough so riders should dial in their boards to find their own personal groove. I like to ride a pool style board with wide trucks and 58mm wheels. Some transitions are steeper than others, with tons of grinding potential. There’s even a major-league backyard styled pool for the “Gnardogs.” One thing’s for sure, it’s a rad place to shred. So who wants to improve their skills? Hang with friends? Set some goals? Get gnarly? If you answered, “Yes,” to all the above, go get a setup and come skateboarding at the Montauk Skate Park.

The Montauk Skate Park is located north of downtown on Essex Street.


Colin’s son Zeb on the flow (Note pool in background).


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