Fall 2019 Featured

A Cave that Heals with the Salt of the Earth, Starting with a little Boy

by Laura Weir

The Montauk Salt Cave is no fad as all its loyal followers will attest. I decided to find out for myself.

As someone with an interest in natural remedies, I was intrigued when I’d first heard of The Montauk Salt Cave. Since it opened in 2015, this therapeutic oasis on West Lake Drive has been drawing loyal clients seeking the healing properties of the salt of the earth, said Salt Cave Owner and Founder Shannon Coppola, who opened The Cave after trying the natural therapy to treat her young son’s respiratory problems.


Shannon Coppola Owner, Photo by Mike Vitelli


 “A friend said, ‘you should try salt therapy,’ but I didn’t know what it was,” Ms. Coppola told me, referring to the frustration she felt in repeatedly failing to find comfort for her child. Finally, after a few sessions in a salt cave, she said her 4-year old son was able to sleep through the night. She said owning her own salt cave has allowed her to continue his treatments and help others with an array of ailments from asthma to allergies, anxiety, inflammation, and the common cold. The key is to just breathe inside a large room… made entirely of salt. 


The air inside the cave is made up of negatively charged, ionized salt particles and trace elements of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, copper, and iron. These can open the nasal passages and clear the lungs, allowing the body to flush out toxins.  Ms. Coppola said many people experience noticeable improvements in their conditions after just one session in The Salt Cave, making them want to return. “We definitely have a crew of regular customers,” said the Montauk resident, who also owns salt caves in Manhattan and Huntington. 

I recently decided to try The Montauk Salt Cave for myself, as I can suffer from asthma and inflammation. During my session, a Reiki master and a sound healing practitioner joined me and about 20 other guests in The Cave to provide additional healing benefits.   

 We entered The Salt Cave barefooted onto tiny salt pebbles that covered the ground. As I sat in my chair, I was gently pressed backwards into a reclining position before being lovingly tucked in with a warm blanket by Reiki master and teacher Linda Knips. Ms. Knips performed hands-on healing for each of us in the session and explained that Reiki is a force of energy that helps keep your own energy flowing. It breaks up energy blocks and works on the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical levels. It is the transfer of universal life, she said.


Sound healing spiritual guides, Photo by Mike Vitelli


Maria Maier, a Tibetan Tones Sound Practitioner, delivered soothing affirmations accompanied by rhythmic vibrations she created using crystal singing bowls, forks, and chimes.  Sound healing supports the body’s natural healing ability through meditation, vibration, and relaxation, Ms. Maier told me. Using a scale that incorporates all of the body’s chakras, she said notes can be blended to make particular sounds that target where healing is needed in the body and mind.  She said sound can even promote spiritual awakening.  

Following the approximately one-hour session in The Salt Cave, I absolutely felt a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. The cool, clean air inside The Cave and the light, soothing sounds raised my sense of awareness and made me understand why this little oasis in the heart of Montauk has so many repeat customers.  

The Montauk Salt Cave, at 552 West Lake Drive, is open every day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Most sessions cost $40 and packages are available. They also offer private sessions. In addition, The Salt Cave offers spa treatments, including massage, facials, waxing, brow shaping, and nail treatments. They also hold yoga classes on the salt in the cave.

For more information on healing sessions and other services, call (631) 668-7258.