Montauk Salt Cave

Here we lie on ergonomic lounge chairs, covered in soft red blankets, taking deep breaths of the world’s purest healing salt in the Montauk Salt Cave. In this dark, serene space we can only see a soft orange and red glow on the walls emanating from the salt lamps around us. Overhead, in a roof made of 8 tons of salt from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan, are hundreds of tiny shining white lights that look like stars twinkling in the night sky.


Montauk Dance Scene Starts at Two

At a young age, Montauker Laura Cisco couldn’t stop moving. “I remember standing in front of the glass oven door in my family’s kitchen, working on my dance moves. It was all I ever wanted to do,” she says. “When I was eight my family moved to Montauk from Queens. There weren’t any dance classes or studios then so my Mom would drive me back and forth to Queens just so I could follow my passion,” she recalled.