Montauk’s Secret Spots (and the meaning of life?)

I wondered… for about a nanosecond, if writing about some of Montauk’s best kept secrets would ruin them. Then I remembered that Montauk has endless secrets… The natural beauty of some of the End’s most unique spots will give your body and brain a serious reboot. Sometimes the weight of civilization can be overwhelming. The fast pace… the burdens of relationships…

Let’s Tauk Surf Etiquette

Ocean Rescuer Bob Miller has spent a life on water; teaching, lifeguarding, coaching…and surfing. With decades of experience under his belt, he’s imparting some important advice on how to keep it together on the water for On Montauk in 2018.  In our spring issue he highlighted the importance of water safety and knowing your surrounding near/on the water (see his article at Here, for the summer issue, he tauks surfing etiquette. Read on and stay tuned for his next piece in the fall/winter edition.

Sturdy Souls Roam, but Anchor in Montauk

BY DEBBIE TUMA & CARTER RANDOLPH TYLER June 24, 2018 Kate Usher and The Sturdy Souls, Young Guns of the Montauk Music Scene, are a new breed of performer defining a generation at the End. These two young souls cruising around Montauk, surfing and chilling with a guitar always at the ready, are singing, writing…