Byor Kay Tyler

Montauk resident Byor Kay Tyler– originally from points west– has made surfcasting not only a passionate hobby with her husband Carter, but she also sees it as a way to offer her family a nourishing, and sustainable food supply. “I first fell in love with fishing in my early 20’s.” Ms. Tyler recalls. “I started casting out from the day boats, but when I discovered surfcasting. I was hooked.” She said with a slight laugh, and glimmer in her eyes.

You could say that Ms. Tyler has fishing in her blood. “My Dad was a fishmonger, and although he didn’t exactly have what we would call “sea legs,” he would always go back out on the boat for the love of fishing.” Ms. Tyler confessed.

In 2008 Ms. Tyler caught a massive weak fish off the coast of Hither Hills beach. “At the time I was told by other surfcasters that it was the “catch of a lifetime,” because most weak fish don’t grow to the size, it was huge!” She explained. “I think women have a softer touch when reeling in, and weak fish are notorious for having very weak jaws, one hard tug, and you could rip out its jaw losing the catch altogether,” she added.

“My favorite time of year is the fall when I get to put on my “sexy” waders. I clean and prepare fresh sushi for my kids. I find the whole process very therapeutic, and in the true Asian sense there is no waste; I use every part of the fish.”

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