Founder Deborah Thompson, opened the spa at its present location in downtown Montauk, back in 2005. The spa’s logo is called a “Hamsa,” a symbol of protection. It’s an outstretched palm, or hand, and has both Arabic, and Jewish cultural roots. “When I first went to Marrakesh, as an adult, the Hamsa symbol was everywhere,” Thompson said. “And I just connected with that symbol right away, it’s also a prayer of blessing and peace” Thompson added.

The therapy rooms at the spa are stylish; decorated in Moroccan/Marrakesh décor. Thompson, has an infectious laugh, and an inviting smile; she is a woman of self-determination, and she has a creativity that shows itself in everything she does. When asked, “What made you decide to go into business relieving people’s stress as a therapist?” Thompson mused, “Divorce!”

“These days, we’re all busy, and the world demands so much of us, we need a release from the everyday, and to be able to provide a setting where people can unwind, and feel rejuvenated is a true passion of mine. Sometimes people leave here looking like “mush,” but I know they feel a whole lot better!”

The Moroccan theme at Thompson’s spa is no accident. She is presently creating a spa facility in Marrakesh, called a “Riad,” which, Thompson quipped, “I hope to have open by the time I’m 110 years old!”

Contact Deborah Thompson Day Spa: 631-668-4815; deborahthompsondayspa.com

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